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Welcome to the Hadlow Down website. You will need to register as a user to be able to fully participate in the forums, blogs etc. and some of the site pages.
Hadlow Down Online, your community website, is a registered Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator and all members of the community who register on this web site automatically become members of the Hadlow Down Online Area Neighbourhood Watch group and will be forwarded, by email, any urgent alerts, warnings etc. from Neighbourhood Watch, Local Policing East Sussex Trading Standards and other protection agencies as soon as they are received. If you have any knowledge or suspicions of criminal activity or anti-social behaviour that you think should be circulated to the rest of the village via email advise webadmin@hadlowdown.com or 'phone 830661.
In common with other web sites that use 'Open Source' software we have recently encountered problems with hundreds of false 'phishing' registration attempts. For the time being to register with the site and be included in the Neighbourhood Watch circulation list and Newsletter please send a request to webadmin@hadlowdown.com with a valid email address and telephone contact number. 

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4th August 2016
The draft minutes from the Parish Council meeting on 2nd August 2016 have been added to the agenda and minutes part of the Parish Council section of the website.  Click here to view

2nd August 2016
The minutes from the Parish Council meeting on 26th July 2016 have been added to the agenda and minutes part of the Parish Council section of the website.  Click here to view

30th July 2016
New items added to the Hadlow Down Market page.
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27th July 2016
The agenda for the Parish Council meeting on 2nd August 2016 has been added to the agenda and minutes part of the Parish Council section of the website.Click here to view

11th July 2016
The draft minutes from the Parish Council meeting on 5th July 2016 have been added to the agenda and minutes part of the Parish Council section of the website.
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20th June 2016 
The minutes for the Parish Council meeting on 14th June 2016 have been added to the agenda and minutes part of the Parish Council section of the website.
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1st June 2016 
The minutes from the Parish Council meeting on 26th May 2016 have been added to the agenda and minutes part of the Parish Council section of the website. 
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The Car Boot Sale advertised to take place in Tinkers Park on September 4th. has been cancelled by the organisers.  It is hoped that the event will take place in 2017

Published: 22/08/2016

Our Village Hall will be hosting a MACMILLAN Coffee Morning on Thursday September the 29th.  This national annual event raises thousands of pounds every year to support the incredible work that Macmillan nurses do to help cancer sufferers and their families.  Please join us from 10 am to 12 noon for a cup of coffee (or tea) and delicious home made cakes while taking the opportunity to meet up and chat to old friends or new acquaintances.  Everyone is welcome, why not take the opportunity to invite friends and relatives from outside the village to come along and meet your local friends and neighbours?  

Published: 20/08/2016

Saturday 17th. September 7.15 for 7.30 pm
£5 donation per ticket is requested
Refreshments available throughout & Ice Cream in the interval!
  Bring your own wine - glasses available.Book ahead or pay on the door.
Contact Janet 01825 830478 or Rachel 01825830494

Starring: Tom Hanks, Mark Ryland & Alan Alda
Directed by Stephen Spielberg                                              Cert 12A

Published: 19/08/2016

Our Sponsored Dog Walk is SUNDAY 11 SEPTEMBER over the beautiful Ashdown Forest.  
We appreciate that many people lead busy lives, may have young children or dogs that may not be able to do the full 7 miles, so we have reflected this on the sponsor form by giving walkers the choice to do 3 miles, 4 miles or 7 miles.Registration is between 10am & 11am at the Pylons Car Park on the B2026 between King's Standing Car Park and Duddleswell Crossroads. Please follow the signs on the day.
Sponsor forms are available now. Those who did the walk last year will automatically receive one. If you would like a form please private message with your name and address, telephone 01825 830444, email mail@kitwilsontrust.org.uk

Published: 02/08/2016

Motorist to face magistrates following a fatal collision near Uckfield27 Jul, 2016 08:08 News
Motorist Daniel Christopher Heffer, 27, a Tarmac layer, of Ashengate Way, Five Ash Down, is to appear before Brighton magistrates on Thursday, 25 August to face charges relating to a fatal collision at Coopers Green Road, Maresfield, near Uckfield, on 28 November last year.

Published: 01/08/2016

PCSOs, equipped with enhanced powers and skills, started their new role on Monday 4 July.

With new skills and powers to deal with a wide range of local problems, they can act to resolve issues such as alcohol fuelled anti-social behaviour from their very first day in the new role. They will be an integral part of larger teams solving local problems, carrying out basic investigations, working alongside partners and directly with witnesses and victims to respond to community issues. Making use of mobile technology, PCSOs will access information whilst out in the community.
The flexible nature of their new role means they can work when and where they are needed, logging on remotely, as well as working from police and shared premises. 

Published: 01/08/2016

This is a message sent via Neighbourhood Watch. This information has been sent on behalf of Action Fraud (National Fraud Intelligence Bureau)
Fraudsters are impersonating telephone service providers and contacting their clients offering a phone upgrade on a low monthly payment contract. The fraudsters will glean all your personal and financial details which will then be used to contact the genuine phone provider and order a new mobile phone handset. The fraudsters will either intercept the delivery before it reaches the victim’s address or order the handset to a different address.Protect yourself
Never provide your personal information to a third party from an unsolicited communication.Obtain the genuine number of the organisation being represented and verify the legitimacy of the communication.If the offer is too good to be true it probably is.If you have provided personal information and you are concerned that your identity may be compromised consider Cifas Protection Registration.If you have been a victim of fraud report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 orhttp://www.actionfraud.police.uk/

Published: 01/08/2016

Come and join us at Tinkers Park on Sunday 4th September between 8.30am and 12pm for our fantastic CAR BOOT SALE.
Entrance is £1 each an
d children under 12 go free!

Published: 30/07/2016

We couldn't resist snapping this parent* waiting for the rain to stop at the Village Fayre!
(we say 'parent' because we believe it's someone's mummy)

Published: 29/06/2016

A few weeks ago a 'Latest News' article reported a cat wandering round the gardens of premises at the top of Tinkers Lane  looking very hungry and neglected.
Although we had a number of calls from people hoping their lost cat had been found none fitted the description.  The stray was taken to The Kit Wilson Trust in Stonehurst Lane Hadlow Down.  The trust checked to see if he had been chipped and a positive result was found.  The registered owners could not be contacted and he appeared to have been abandoned along with a couple of others and had wandered approximately 4 miles from his original home.   The Kit Wilson Trust looked after him for a couple of weeks and arranged a health check for him with their vet and also arranged all currently recommended vaccinations plus worm and flea treatment they also arranged for him to be neutered.  This beautiful cat has now been re-homed in the Hadlow Down area.
We would urge anyone who thinks they may have a stray visiting their gardens to initially make some enquiries with neighbours to ensure it's not just a friendly greedy cat! .....and then contact The KIt Wilson Trust for further advice on 01825 830444.
And of course if your cat has gone missing your first port of call should be KWT

Published: 28/06/2016

Published: 12/06/2016

Published: 12/06/2016

Previously problems with roads (including potholes) were reported via the FixmyStreet website, East Sussex County Council have now set up a new reporting page for any problems with roads, signs and footpaths.  These can be logged at the following website:


Parish Council Clerk

Published: 23/05/2016

This alert is a reminder to be aware of emails that appear to have been sent from a legitimate organisation. Fraudsters often use fake email addresses designed to encourage recipients to open attachments or links. You are advised that if you are in any doubt as to the origin of an email, do not open it. Consider that emails can be spoofed and used to generate spam to recipients far and wide. If you receive a spam email, you MUST NOT open it. Instead, delete it from your email system to avoid infecting your device. If you have opened an attachment from a spam email, you should get your device checked over by a professional and change the passwords for all your bank, email and online shopping accounts. 
Protect yourself:
Do not click or open unfamiliar links in emails or on websites.

Published: 08/04/2016

The Parish Council has received complaints about owners not picking up their dog’s faeces. Despite the majority of people kindly clearing up after their dogs, there is a very small minority who are either leaving the offending item where it has been deposited or placing it in a bag and leaving it hanging in the hedgerow. 
This is especially a problem near the Village Hall, despite a dog bin being provided and residents paying for it to be emptied.  It makes it very unpleasant for residents and users of the hall and is a health hazard. Can owners please either place the dog’s faeces in the dog bins provided at the Village Hall and at the playing field or take it
home with them.  
Thank you for your support in solving this issue

Published: 09/03/2016

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Event StartTitle
25/08/2016 19:30 Recurring Event: until 08/12/2016 (total 40 events) Dog Training Classes
30/08/2016 09:45 Recurring Event: until 28/02/2017 (total 52 events) Pilate Session
31/08/2016 10:30 Recurring Event: until 21/12/2016 (total 21 events) TN22 Plus Club
01/09/2016 19:30 Recurring Event: until 08/12/2016 (total 40 events) Dog Training Classes
04/09/2016 08:30 Car Boot Sale - Tinkers Park

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Do you want to report a problem about roads, signs and footpaths in our village?  Click on the following link to take you to the new ESCC reporting page:


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Hadlow Down Village Fayre June 2016


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Village Fayre
Has anyone got contact details for whoever is organising the Village Fayre now?
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