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The Village Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is administrated and coordinated by the editors of www.hadlowdown.com.   Alerts, bulletins, messages, warnings etc. are received from many agencies including National Neighbourhood Watch, Sussex Police, Action Fraud, Highways England, Sussex Traffic Watch, Wealden DC, Trading Standards, East Sussex CC, Citizens Advice, Flood Alert, Food Standards Agency and many, many more as well as alerts and reports from local scheme members.   Alerts are passed on to villagers via a number of methods, they are posted here on the Village Web Site, on the Village Facebook Page and via the bulk email facility that we have which can send a synchronised message to the current 300 people registered with the Village NHW Scheme.
Although outside of the normal NHW remit the scheme is also able to communicate to the community warnings and alerts of power and water outages, traffic problems and even of missing pets!  
We have also recently been posting alerts etc. on the Village Facebook Group page as have some other group members.  As this seems to be the preferred way of communicating for many people we have now introduced a new Hadlow Down NHW Facebook Group page dedicated to NHW alerts. Although we don't want to discourage anyone from posting on the Village Facebook page using the dedicated NHW page will differentiate between the two when people receive Facebook notifications.  The new page will be a 'closed group' so you will need to join to participate.
If you are already a Hadlow Down Village NHW Scheme member you will already be receiving occasional alerts etc If you are not but would like to be just send an email to: nhw@hadlowdown.com saying: 'Please add me as a NHW member'.
Click here to go to the new Hadlow Down Neighbourhood Watch Facebook Group
If you want to report a crime or suspicious behaviour email: www.nhw@hadlowdown.com or 'phone 01825 830661.

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Tai Chi
Start Date/Time:
23 April 2018 10:00
End Date/Time:
23 April 2018 12:00
Recurring Event:
Recurring Event Every 1 week(s) on Monday until 26/11/2018 (total 44 events)
Normal Priority

Village Hall

Owned by Hadlow Down Admin On 16 January 2018

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Hadlow Down Village Hall in association with the ENGAGE charity present
Cert  15 
In May 1940, Germany advanced into France, trapping Allied troops on the beaches of Dunkirk. Under air and ground cover from British and French forces, troops were slowly and methodically evacuated from the beach using every serviceable naval and civilian vessel that could be found. At the end of this heroic mission, 330,000 French, British, Belgian and Dutch soldiers were safely evacuated.

Saturday 19th. May - 7.00pm for 7.30pm

Refreshments available throughout – ice cream at the interval!.  Bring your own bottle of wine - glasses supplied.
A donation of £6 per ticket please.  Book ahead or come on the door
Contact Janet 01825 830478 or Rachel 01825 830494

 What's New?

25th April 2018

The agenda for the Annual Meeting on 1st May 2018 has been added to the agenda and minutes part of the Parish Council section of the website.  Click here to view

23rd April 2018 

The draft minutes from the Parish Assembly on 17th April 2018 have been added to the agenda and minutes part of the Parish Council section of the website.   Click here to view

6th April 2018

The minutes from the 3rd April 2018 Parish Council meeting have been added to the agenda and minutes part of the Parish Council section of the website.  Click here to view

The agenda for the Parish Council meeting on 3rd April 2018 has been added to the agenda and minutes part of the Parish Council section of the website.  Click here to view

23rd March 2018
The draft minutes from the Parish Council meeting on 16th March 2018 have been added to the agenda and minutes part of the Parish Council section of the website.  Click here to view

20th March 2018
The draft minutes from the Parish Council meeting on 6th March 2018 have been added to the agenda and minutes part of the Parish Council section of the website.  Click here to view

10th February 2018
The minutes from the Parish Council meeting on 6th February 2018 have been added to the agenda and minutes part of the Parish Council section of the website.  Click here to view

15th January 2018
The Hadlow Down Parish Magazine is now available online in full colour.  
To read or download the latest edition click here
(there is no edition produced in January)
To view the re-established archive page click here

5th January 2018
A further planning application has been added to the 9th January 2018 Parish Council agenda which can be viewed here.

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Hut Lane
(Opening of the 'Red Hut' - Date Unknown)

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It is with great regret that Hadlow Down Variety Club, following in the best tradition of British Rail, must announce that the Ghost Train scheduled to run on 4th. & 5th May has had to be postponed.  One of our lead actors has suddenly fallen ill and will need a long period of recovery and we all wish him well.   Being so close to the performance date finding someone to take the part on is not an option but the director and cast having already put so much work into what will be a great local theatrical production are determined that the show is not cancelled but just postponed.   The new dates are November the 23rd. & 24th.   The good news is that there may be more seats available!  Watch this space!!
For all ticket queries and to book for the November dates ring:
Glenys on 01825 830857

Published: 19/04/2018

Published: 15/04/2018

Scam Warning: Phone message threatens HMRC lawsuit

HMRC has sent an alert about a scam which targets taxpayers and seems to be aimed at the elderly in particular. 
There is currently a telephone scam where a recorded message is left, allegedly from HMRC, stating that HMRC are bringing a lawsuit against the individual and is going to sue them. The recipient is asked to phone 0161 8508494 and press “1” to speak to the officer dealing with the case. This scam is becoming widely reported and seems to be targeting older people. Please do not reply to the message.

Published: 14/04/2018

Cryptocurrency Fraud

Fraudulent websites alleging to offer cryptocurrency investments are dishonestly using the image of Martin Lewis, the founder and editor for moneysavingexpert.com, as an endorsement for their companies.

The adverts using Martin Lewis to promote illicit schemes can be found on social media and other websites. Clicking on the advert takes you to the full article where Martin Lewis image is presented along with fake quotes recommending investments in bitcoin and other digital currencies with the fraudulent “company”. Alternatively clicking on the advert will take you to a page where you are required to input your contact details, the suspect company then phones you and encourages you to invest.

Published: 14/04/2018

'Pickle' the cat who went missing from his home in the Wilderness Lane/Riverside area has suddenly returned home!
Many thanks to those who kept an eye out for him. 

Ed. So nice to hear of animal stories with a happy ending.

Published: 10/04/2018

Yet another alert about a suspicious vehicle!  This time it's a White Peugeot van. for more detail see the photograph originally posted on the Heathfield Community Group Facebook Page with comments and shared on the Hadlow Down Facebook page.

Published: 04/04/2018

H D Neighbourhood Watch Alert – Suspicious Vehicle
We have received two reports an older style Land Rover acting extremely suspiciously late yesterday in two different areas of the village.  Stocklands Lane, Five Chimneys Lane , School Lane area and Lower Wilderness Lane, Riverside area.  No number plate ID as it seemed covered in mud?
Seen lingering by and backing in and out of drives etc.  May be worth checking sheds, barns etc. if in those areas.

Published: 03/04/2018

It has been brought to our attention that someone has knocked on at least one door in the Shepherds Hill region of Hadlow Down offering to sell  the householder garden benches that were 'excess to a contract' and needed to be sold.
As the access to the property consists of a long drive with a gate that has to be unlatched it would seem that it is unlikely that this was the only property visited.  The property owner is also aware of a number of recent thefts from properties in the area including a water tank from a field and concerned that the activity could be related  The person was driving a silver Renault Transit type van the registration number of which has been reported to the police via the 101 non-emergency number.
If you have received a similar call or had any items stolen please let us know and/or advise the police on 101.  
If you are the person who has been trying to sell garden benches and drive a van matching the description and can vouch the calls were legitimate please advise us and we will be happy to publish the facts.

Published: 28/03/2018

False claims of Telephone Preference Service:
Fraudsters are cold-calling victims, falsely stating that they are calling from one of the well-known UK telecommunication service providers. They call victims claiming to provide a ‘Telephone Preference Service’ - an enhanced call-barring service, which includes barring international call centres.
The fraudsters ask victims to confirm/provide their bank account details, informing them that there is a one-off charge for the service. Victims instead see monthly debits deducted from their accounts, which they have not authorised. The fraudsters often target elderly victims. 

Published: 26/03/2018

Our Parish Council has published the following letter covering the distribution of a new questionnaire which the PC hopes will be filled in and returned by all members of the community.
 Please take time to read all of the letter (Click on 'Read more' at the end of this extract) and download the form. To make it easier to return the form there a number of ways listed.

Please Click here to download the Questionnaire
  April 2018
Dear Householder

Most people in the village will be aware of the existence of the Hadlow Down Emergency Plan.
Over 18 months ago everyone in the village was sent a questionnaire asking for voluntary information on help and resources that could be useful in the event of an emergency. The response was sadly pretty poor with just over 20 households responding out of over 300.
Although the water outage last week was a relatively minor emergency, members of the Parish Council with the help of several much appreciated volunteers still went to great lengths to obtain and distribute drinkable water to the whole parish. Read More...

Published: 20/03/2018

A property in Brick Kiln Lane, Hadlow Down was broken into last night. 3 saddles were stolen . The thieves obviously knew an indirect way into the property and managed to deactivate lights and cctv cameras by damaging them before entering the building and making off with the saddles..
If you have any information that may help the police please ring them on 101 or the property owner on 01825831939/07939618003.
Please be alert and report any suspicious behaviour locally to 101 as it seems thieves are targeting our area.

NHW Alert via hadlowdown.com

Published: 26/02/2018

Flight Ticket Fraud

 Fraudsters are attempting to entice victims who are looking for cheap flights abroad.
Victims have reported booking tickets via websites or a “popular” ticket broker, only to discover that after payment via bank transfer or electronic wire transfer, the tickets/booking references received are counterfeit. In some cases, all communications between the company or broker and the victim have been severed.
Fraudsters are targeting individuals who are seeking to travel to African nations and the Middle East, particularly those wishing to travel in time for popular public and religious holidays. 
Prevention Advice:

Published: 07/02/2018

Wealden District Council will be looking to introduce customer charges for garden waste collections when the new Joint Waste Contract for refuse and recycling comes into effect. The new contract doesn’t begin for another 18 months until June 2019.
Click here to read or download Wealden D C's announcement

Published: 02/12/2017

Hadlow Down Online in its role as the Hadlow Down Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator has now become 'A Friend Against Scams' following a seminar on October 24th.
'A Friend Against Scams' is National Trading Standards  initiative and the seminar was hosted by Action in Rural Sussex.
Consumers lose £5 to 10 billion every year to internet, 'phone & door-to-door scams.  Hadlow Down Online aims to create as much awareness as possible via the Village Web Site, Bulk emailed Newsletters, Email Alerts, the Village Facebook Group and Parish Magazine.  We are in the process of creating a 'Friend Against Scams' page within the Village Web Site listing all current and recent scams as well as offering advice on what action should be taken when you think you may be a victim of a scam or have been targeted by scammers.
We welcome all input from villagers regarding scams they receive or know of in order that we can make more people aware of those currently 'doing the rounds'.  Please email details to webadmin@hadlowdown.com headed 'scam alert'.

Published: 06/11/2017

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Pirates of the Panto
A Hadlow Down Variety Club Production
January 2018

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Do you want to report a problem about roads, signs and footpaths in our village?  Click on the following link to take you to the new ESCC reporting page:


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