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Hadlow Down Online, your community website, is a registered Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator and all members of the community who register on this web site automatically become members of the Hadlow Down Online Area Neighbourhood Watch group and will be forwarded, by email, any urgent alerts, warnings etc. from Neighbourhood Watch, Local Policing East Sussex Trading Standards and other protection agencies as soon as they are received. If you have any knowledge or suspicions of criminal activity or anti-social behaviour that you think should be circulated to the rest of the village via email advise webadmin@hadlowdown.com or 'phone 830661.
To register with the site and/or be included in the Neighbourhood Watch circulation list and Newsletter please send a request to webadmin@hadlowdown.com with a valid email address and telephone contact number. 
Any personal information sent to Hadlow Down Online or the Current Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator will never be passed on to any third party or successor to the present web site or neighbourhood watch administration.

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Hadlow Down Online first appeared in 2004 when  the domain name ‘hadlowdown.com’ was acquired by a village benefactor who also researched and set up a platform/framework for a site and allowed it to be operated through his personal server.  The original concept of the site was to provide the Hadlow Down community with a quality vehicle to receive and disseminate local news and items of interest very quickly and to provide an interactive means whereby residents could communicate, debate or convey their ideas using modern technology.  The site would always stay completely independent, apolitical and free of any advertisements or other external influences from any organisation, agency, group or individual that may compromise its independence.  The site would also stay completely free of charge to all users and would not solicit funds from any source that may influence its independence.  The administration and editing would always be performed by an unpaid volunteer.
The site was re-launched with a new administrator/editor on January 1st. 2009 after ongoing operating and editorial problems plus the lack of content had reduced the site to a derelict shell.   For the last nine years Hadlow Down has operated according to the foregoing principles and fully intends to maintain the same in the future.  
We are also pleased and proud to be able to host our Parish Council’s web pages on our site thus saving a considerable amount of taxpayer’s money that would have to be spent on setting up, maintaining and running an independent site of its own in order to fulfil its legislative requirements and guidelines.
We also act as the medium for the dissemination of Neighbourhood Watch alerts and advice by the village NHW Coordinator as well as alerts and advice from all other emergency agencies concerned with the safety and wellbeing of the community.
Technology has dramatically changed over the last nine years especially in the realm of social media, being aware of this Hadlow Down Online has discontinued its Forum pages and created instead the Hadlow Down Facebook Group which is a much more popular and workable medium for social interaction.  
We are able to judge our popularity and success by the site’s ability to record the number of times people view our pages and we are extremely pleased to report that it is predicted that number will be almost  half a million for just 2017 alone!
The owner and administrator of the site now feel it is an opportune time to ask the community to let us have you views on what is, in effect, your site.  Please help us to take the site forward by filling out the questionnaire that can be found then downloaded by clicking on any of the text in this panel.  The questionnaire is in ‘Word’ form so can be downloaded, filled out on screen and returned as an attachment to webadmin@hadlowdown.com
All comments are welcome and appreciated.

Download the Survey Form by Clicking Here

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