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Subject: Encouraging membership of site
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CancelledUser is Offline


08 Jan 2009 10:16 AM  

Small point is the wrong spelling of the welcome message on the home page 'participating'.

I noticed this morning when I was browsing through the website that there were 15 people online but only 1 member (myself).  If we could add to the welcome message something along the lines that it would help the development of the website if whilst browsing you registered as a member.


Hadlow Down AdminUser is Offline


08 Jan 2009 3:50 PM  

Well spotted re the mistake in the spelling of 'participating'.  As the 'Welcome header' is one of the few bits we haven't touched yet it must have been like that for over 18 months and nobody else has pointed it out!  Probably have to put it down to familiarity breeding something?!?
Re the logging on issue - it already states that one needs to log on to take part in the forums -if people choose not to log-on and just browse what they can see on the site without doing that, then fine.  But we will probably be looking at other areas where only those who have logged on can visit.

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