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By cw1308 on 09/06/2015 16:13

How to post the same blog twice

By cw1308 on 09/06/2015 16:10

Short tale and warning about ARGOS vouchers

By cw1308 on 09/06/2015 15:53

Short tail and warning about ARGOS vouchers

By cw1308 on 03/06/2015 16:12

Tinkers on Saturday was dry, busy and like stepping back in time.

By eddie on 2/20/2015 12:55 PM
I'm becoming permanently bemused as to why our village clubs, groups, societies etc. are so reluctant to tell people about their activities, their plans for future events and details of invitations to join them !!
By eddie on 2/18/2015 8:54 PM
The New 'Our Community' page has proved to be a success! All known village groups, clubs, societies & other organisations, with one notable exception, have responded with the basic information and contact details required to create an entry and are now listed on one composite page.
By John Thompson on 04/03/2014 10:26
I'll save my excitement until it happens.
By eddie on 2/5/2014 4:22 PM
As many will have realised the web site has suffered some technical problems over the past six months or so and needs upgrading.
By John Thompson on 17/03/2013 16:35
Now, I like to think that I know a bit about computers and because of this, I often get asked to sort out problems that people have with their computers. One scam that I come across a few times is that someone phones claiming to be from Microsoft Security saying that you have a security problem on your computer.. THIS IS UTTER RUBBISH. Just put the phone down! What they try to do is to get you to visit a website and download some software. This software will allow the caller to get access to your computer. Not only will this wreck your computer but they will then ask for your credit card details as payment to fix it!

What has made me post this blog is that this happened to me yesterday. I thought: shall I string him along just for fun? After letting him go on for a bit, I got fed up and told him to "go away" (using slightly stronger language). Amazingly he phoned back again for another go!

So, let me repeat: This is rubbish! And if after this you think you may have something wrong with your...
By bichon on 04/09/2012 21:27
 I appreciate it is a very difficult job maintaining a website when it appears only a tiny minority of residents use it. For anybody without a reasonable knowledge of using websites or moving around the web It's not an easy website to navigate.  Added to this the very touchy attitude of some who take offence of any opinion firmly and honestly held, any contributions relating to the internal happenings within Hadlow Down whether it is only a fairly mild comment about householders not cutting back their hedges or the noise and pollution created by various activities at Tinkers Park, somebody jumps up and down complaining about an honestly held opinion without taking the opportunity of posting a positive response justifying the problems about which the original posting raised.  As for not commenting on anything which can be classified as political that is a ridculous restriction. Unless there is a free flow of information and counter argument, where necessary, the website does not serve a useful purpose.  It degenerates...
By eddie on 27/08/2012
After having a bad experience with a local business that counts many in Hadlow Down and Buxted as long standing customers, I looked around for a second opinion on the mower that had served me reliably for many years
By eddie on 27/08/2012
Goff Petroleum branch based in Tunbridge Wells. I have found this company will match 'Oil Club' quotes and are friendly, polite and reliable.
By eddie on 5/18/2012 6:08 PM
Q. Why haven't notices of some forthcoming village events been on the web site? A. Because we weren't told!
By eddie on 8/17/2011 9:53 AM

WOW!  Looks like suddenly there's some activity on the forum!

By eddie on 8/11/2011 8:39 AM

Just been wondering what village people want from Hadlow Down Online.  Attempts to involve residents in discussion, debates etc. have recently generated no interest at all, yet people still moan about not having an opportunity to 'have a say' when decisions that they disapprove of are made on their behalf by others???
The web site is currently being used as little more than a notice board.  We already have three noticeboards in the village - one outside the village hall, one in Main Road and the Parish Magazine.  Do we really need Hadlow Down Online as a fourth?

By Charlie on 12/4/2010 6:50 PM
Is every kind of & cut of meat bought from every supermarket injected with half a ton of water to make it more expensive?
By eddie on 11/30/2010 9:59 PM
The most frustrating thing about editing the website is.........
By Charlie on 11/30/2010 3:29 PM
A novel, 'Two Caravans', has recently put me off chicken for life!!
By eddie on 10/17/2010 12:51 PM
Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the Winterfest celebrations on Saturday evening due to being stuck in traffic on the M23 on the way back from Oxford because of an overturned horsebox. So if anyone out there would like to write a few lines as a review of the evening's events the web site team and the event organisers would be most appreciative.
By eddie on 10/14/2010 2:44 PM
With the agreement of the authors Village Eye the editor has removed an entry posted by them on the Neighbours of Tinkers Park blog on 12/10. Although the blog was acceptable according to the website policy of allowing villagers to express their views and opinions freely and openly and contained nothing that would normally warrant automatic removal by the editor, a complaint was received from a member of the Parish Council who took the criticisms of the Parish Council as being of him personally and was upset by the post.

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